Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The big plan

Back at work after a holiday, hard to get back into a routine after seven weeks off . If it wasn’t for those bills…..

Getting prepared to start work on the Tornado this weekend.

The goal:

Fit new beams, reinforce spinnaker bridle mounts, check hull integrity, paint.

Job list:
Remove tramp, grind gel coat off along deck/ hull join.

Pop decks off.

Build new beam boxes.

Make up main beam. (Dolphin striker, mast step, etc)

Replace beam boxes and mount beams.

Replace decks.



This should result in a much stiffer platform that will see us through next season. After that the plan is to obtain new hulls and transfer all the new gear over. So far we are pretty close to committing to building our own hulls. We are still not decided on hull material. I am pretty keen on building hulls out of carbon. This will result in a boat that measures but is built from exotic materials and therefore can’t win a National or World title. As our interest lies mainly in doing the marathon races that are held around the country this shouldn’t be a big issue. (We will never be in contention to win a state, Nat, or world Tornado title.)

Even club point score racing doesn’t really suit us. With work and other commitments it is difficult to show up every Sat or Sun to race. We still get on the water a couple of times a week but not always on race day.

Following a regatta circuit allows you to plan ahead and book dates well in advance. Then just sail at the club on the odd weekends that are free. Doesn’t appeal to everyone but it seems to suit us.

Pictures of rebuild to go up on the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You should really try to find a guy named Kevin Cooke in or around Maryland. He's already built an all carbon tornado (everything down to the rotator arm) and he could probably lend you some advice.