Friday, April 18, 2008

Too much rain !

No painting happening due to the fact that it's pissing down rain and according to the weather bureau it is going to continue.
There is almost $500 worth of paint on each hull so I shan't be attempting it in this weather.
At least I've been sailing.
Gavin, on RSA 36, kindly invited me to sail with him on the last race day of the season at Kurnell.
He has a beautifully prepared Tornado and it was a good opportunity for me as I haven't sailed a sports rig before. (Been a while since I trimmed an asymmetric kite too, which I fear became apparent).
We had two Ts, a few F18's & A's, and some Nacras and smaller cats.
Light shifty winds but it was great to get back on the water and the club put on a brilliant event.
The day was the Darren Lowder memorial, which is held every year at Kurnell to remember Darren who was sadly lost eleven years ago when the boat he was moving made contact with overhead power lines.
Three races with a barbecue after.

I hope to get some paint on this weekend, weather permitting....

Here's a pic from Sunday.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trimming up

As I suspected, with the white primer on I have discovered all sorts of bumps and dips. (On the deck)
So I've been sanding them away, quite happily as I know I need a good base to achieve a good finish.
So...... more sanding.

Between work and the weather there hasn't been much opportunity to get on with the job but that's OK, I could use the rest.
Did a little filling today and some more sanding.
The trampoline arrived the other day so the parts are coming together. Just need rudder stocks and a heap of little fittings.

I've been watching the preparation for the Vendee Globe and would dearly love to go and see the start.
It's an amazing race, to see those boats and realise they will not make port for almost 24000 miles would be really something.
Is it the pinnacle of our sport?
Most of you guys would be off the beach sailors like me but even though I'm not an ocean racer I really aspire to the achievements of these guys.
The Vendee
But... maybe the money could be better spent.
We will see.
after the paint it's the rig (she's still wearing the old classic rig).
Then there will be a boat mounted video cam as well as heaps of stills of our sailing adventures.
We're not planning on being totally focused on round the buoys racing.
We will be doing a lot of sailing in the ocean and trying to find some distance races for off the beach cats, as well as some coastal stuff even if that means unofficial starts with the keel boat guys.
I've spent a fair bit of time sailing small boats and also a bit of time skippering commercial fishing boats and I don't understand why we don't make more use of the fantastic coastline we have rather than sailing in lakes, harbours and bays.
I guess it's an insurance thing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wet and Dry

Been sanding the primer with wet and dry ready for the top coat.

The boat is going to be yellow and to paint any kind of yellow successfully you must have a perfect base as far as tone and saturation goes.

Any dark or light spots will keep coming through regardless of how many coats you put on.

OK, so far so good.

My garage used to be a carport.

It has been fully walled in except for one doorway leading to the back yard which is always open.

I can only remember one occasion when I've had a bird in the garage and it was one of those stupid pigeon/ dove things that live on seeds.

Well today I evidently had a visit from a different kind of bird.

Now I'm not an ornithologist, hell I don't even have a budgie, but I am prepared to bet a weeks wages that the bird that visited today lives on a diet consisting exclusively of berries.

Red berries.

How do I know this?

Because it sat on a roof beam and shat on the hull.

When I got home and discovered this I wiped it down.

Not good enough.

Red stain right through at least two coats of white primer.

I was a little disappointed.


I guess I'll touch it up.

No photos of me sanding because everybody knows what sanding looks like.

Instead, here's a pic that I never tire of. It's from the Worrell see the site here:


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Primer On!

Well on one hull anyway.

I've decided, due to my limited space, it's going to better to finish each hull individually rather than priming them both then top coating them.

So this one has received three coats of primer and now I'll give it a couple of days to harden up before I cut it back.

Good paint, it seems to go a long way and has pretty good filling qualities. (Northane Shipshape)

I'm applying it with a roller.

The topcoat will be tipped. (Roller application followed by brush strokes.)

Really happy with the paint application so far. Much better than I could have achieved by spraying.

I'm used to spraying auto paint which is almost dry when it hits the surface.

With the 2 pac you spray a coat on, looks like it's OK. Then you turn your back and the whole lot slumps creating horrendous runs.

One thing about a largish boat is the extra paint. I'll have to buy more for the other hull, I don't need another four litres but that's what I'll get just to be on the safe side. (Still have foils to go too)

Sorry about the short post. Too tired tonight to say much more. I should have more news next time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Final Checks

Just re-assembled the hulls to see if I need to do anything drastic before the paint goes on.
Also presented me with an opportunity to de-dust he workshop. (What a great job that is.)

Got a bit of sanding to complete and that bloody stripe has to come off the starboard hull. (This can happen outside)
Hopefully this will all be taken care of Friday afternoon.
Then Saturday morning is primer time.
Also, I don't know if you guys (and girls?) realise how much your dolphin striker contributes to platform stiffness.
I bolted the hulls up, hard, the real deal.
Still, when I lift a bow, heaps of flex.
I know the hulls are stiffer than before and the beams are more substantial.
So I start checking it out.
Ended up with a string line taught across the main beam.
It is deflecting, a lot.
Then I go down and lift a transom.
Probably less than half as bad.(No flex until wieght goes onto the main. The rear beam is a heaps stiffer section than the main.)
The D/Striker plays a huge part in platform stiffness.

Had a wierd experience today.
I went to an engineering supplier to get a 3/8 tap so I could clean out the threads for the main beam.
Been into this shop several times before with no problems. You know, I tell em what I want, they get it, then we shoot the breeze while they type up the invoice.
You probaby aren't aware, but I am a tradesman. I dress and usually shave accordingly.
Today I was on my way ome from a funeral so I was wearing a suit. Clean shaven, the works.
I tell the guy I want a 3/8m unc plug tap.
He says "You sure you want imperial?"
I say "Yeah"
He says "What do you want to do with it?"
By this stage my patience is wearing thin.
I say "Have you got one or not?"
He says "Yeah, just want to be sure it's what you want."
I say "Just get the F***ing thing and let me pay for it".
Now I know how women feel when they go into a hardware store.