Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Down and then the Rain

My wife showing interest in the project.

It took a while...But I never said I wasn't a bit thick....

I just couldn't understand how you can get a good finish with a paint that you can't cut and polish. (For those that don't know, the 2pac is best not touched out of the gun, any attempt to cut and polish will diminish the gloss)

That's OK in a spray booth but at home, what do you do about insects, stray dust etc?


You buy about 12 plastic drop sheets @ $2 a pop and line your work area with them.

Ceiling, walls and floor.


Really happy with the result. Good gloss and no more work to do.

Apart from that I've been performing the really fun task of removing sail numbers (my main has the wrong numbers for this boat.)
What a demoralising job. Takes about four hours, half a can of thinners or turps, and a six pack to remove three numbers.


No work on the other hull this weekend because of this.

Next weekend may be in doubt too as my wife's car will probably need some work to pass Rego'.

I think I'll use the bad weather this weekend to start building up the main beam, dolphin striker etc.(or maybe I'll just do nothing.)

Also. I think the seals have gone in my compressor, which didn't come as much of a surprise as it is just a "Heap O Shit" brand. It's still OK for blowing stuff down and pumping up tyres etc, but I am worried that oil maybe getting into the moisture trap.

So, I think I'll hire a good compressor for the next hull as the paint is too expensive to risk and buying another "Heapo" is just a waste of time.

I'll post some more pics of the painted hulls and some of the actual painting when the weather clears up and I do the other hull. Probably in a couple of weeks time.

Also, you've gotta love this (blatantly stolen from SA, where it was probably stolen from somewhere else).