Friday, May 2, 2008


Sorry for the absence, we had about three weekends of bad weather where I couldn't consider painting. Then I had to work pretty long hours for a couple of weeks so nothing much got done.

We have just had a good weather window which allowed me to finish the port hull.

I applied the primer with roller and brush, "tipping".

For those who haven't heard of te method what you do is this:

Apply a small area (around 0.5 sqm) with the roller, this gives you a nice even paint distribution. Then you run over it with a high quality, 100mm brush, which removes the dimples left by the roller.

This method gives a really nice finish as good or better than most amateurs can achieve by spraying.

Unfortunately, in my case, I had no choice but to spray the top coat. Reason being I am using yellow and with the brush/roller you will always overlap a little on each section you do. With yellow this results in a highly visible darker area.

I was all keyed up to finish preparing the other hull for painting this weekend but there is no longer any hurry as the forecast is for rain so.....
Maybe next week.