Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tramp and Buffing.

The trampoline is tensioned up and finished. (Broke one rivet gun on the 5mm monel rivets, second one lasted.)

The tramp is from Goodall sails (AHPC) and they were awesome. The guy who made it included a hand drawn diagram with the button spacing measurements and a couple of long distance phone calls just to check on what I wanted. Highly recommend them.

Above and below pics show underside of beams with attachment points.

Apart from that we've been doing plenty of buffing, fitting the centreboards, and a bit of tidying up on the mast.

Starting to get a shine up.


jywheeler said...

Looks like you bounce on it???

AlexB said...

Not yet Joann, probably be more a case of bounce OFF it when we get in the water.