Thursday, April 3, 2008

Final Checks

Just re-assembled the hulls to see if I need to do anything drastic before the paint goes on.
Also presented me with an opportunity to de-dust he workshop. (What a great job that is.)

Got a bit of sanding to complete and that bloody stripe has to come off the starboard hull. (This can happen outside)
Hopefully this will all be taken care of Friday afternoon.
Then Saturday morning is primer time.
Also, I don't know if you guys (and girls?) realise how much your dolphin striker contributes to platform stiffness.
I bolted the hulls up, hard, the real deal.
Still, when I lift a bow, heaps of flex.
I know the hulls are stiffer than before and the beams are more substantial.
So I start checking it out.
Ended up with a string line taught across the main beam.
It is deflecting, a lot.
Then I go down and lift a transom.
Probably less than half as bad.(No flex until wieght goes onto the main. The rear beam is a heaps stiffer section than the main.)
The D/Striker plays a huge part in platform stiffness.

Had a wierd experience today.
I went to an engineering supplier to get a 3/8 tap so I could clean out the threads for the main beam.
Been into this shop several times before with no problems. You know, I tell em what I want, they get it, then we shoot the breeze while they type up the invoice.
You probaby aren't aware, but I am a tradesman. I dress and usually shave accordingly.
Today I was on my way ome from a funeral so I was wearing a suit. Clean shaven, the works.
I tell the guy I want a 3/8m unc plug tap.
He says "You sure you want imperial?"
I say "Yeah"
He says "What do you want to do with it?"
By this stage my patience is wearing thin.
I say "Have you got one or not?"
He says "Yeah, just want to be sure it's what you want."
I say "Just get the F***ing thing and let me pay for it".
Now I know how women feel when they go into a hardware store.

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