Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wet and Dry

Been sanding the primer with wet and dry ready for the top coat.

The boat is going to be yellow and to paint any kind of yellow successfully you must have a perfect base as far as tone and saturation goes.

Any dark or light spots will keep coming through regardless of how many coats you put on.

OK, so far so good.

My garage used to be a carport.

It has been fully walled in except for one doorway leading to the back yard which is always open.

I can only remember one occasion when I've had a bird in the garage and it was one of those stupid pigeon/ dove things that live on seeds.

Well today I evidently had a visit from a different kind of bird.

Now I'm not an ornithologist, hell I don't even have a budgie, but I am prepared to bet a weeks wages that the bird that visited today lives on a diet consisting exclusively of berries.

Red berries.

How do I know this?

Because it sat on a roof beam and shat on the hull.

When I got home and discovered this I wiped it down.

Not good enough.

Red stain right through at least two coats of white primer.

I was a little disappointed.


I guess I'll touch it up.

No photos of me sanding because everybody knows what sanding looks like.

Instead, here's a pic that I never tire of. It's from the Worrell see the site here:


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Florin I said...

Nice pic, first I thought it was a cat on the edge of a waterfall...Great job Alex, looks like you are close to wrapping up. After paint job what next ?