Saturday, April 5, 2008

Primer On!

Well on one hull anyway.

I've decided, due to my limited space, it's going to better to finish each hull individually rather than priming them both then top coating them.

So this one has received three coats of primer and now I'll give it a couple of days to harden up before I cut it back.

Good paint, it seems to go a long way and has pretty good filling qualities. (Northane Shipshape)

I'm applying it with a roller.

The topcoat will be tipped. (Roller application followed by brush strokes.)

Really happy with the paint application so far. Much better than I could have achieved by spraying.

I'm used to spraying auto paint which is almost dry when it hits the surface.

With the 2 pac you spray a coat on, looks like it's OK. Then you turn your back and the whole lot slumps creating horrendous runs.

One thing about a largish boat is the extra paint. I'll have to buy more for the other hull, I don't need another four litres but that's what I'll get just to be on the safe side. (Still have foils to go too)

Sorry about the short post. Too tired tonight to say much more. I should have more news next time.

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