Friday, April 18, 2008

Too much rain !

No painting happening due to the fact that it's pissing down rain and according to the weather bureau it is going to continue.
There is almost $500 worth of paint on each hull so I shan't be attempting it in this weather.
At least I've been sailing.
Gavin, on RSA 36, kindly invited me to sail with him on the last race day of the season at Kurnell.
He has a beautifully prepared Tornado and it was a good opportunity for me as I haven't sailed a sports rig before. (Been a while since I trimmed an asymmetric kite too, which I fear became apparent).
We had two Ts, a few F18's & A's, and some Nacras and smaller cats.
Light shifty winds but it was great to get back on the water and the club put on a brilliant event.
The day was the Darren Lowder memorial, which is held every year at Kurnell to remember Darren who was sadly lost eleven years ago when the boat he was moving made contact with overhead power lines.
Three races with a barbecue after.

I hope to get some paint on this weekend, weather permitting....

Here's a pic from Sunday.

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