Saturday, February 16, 2008

Final fitting then back outside!

I have made up the gussets to support the beam boxes and glassed them in.

They are 25 layers of 6oz laminated and pressed.

Very difficult shape to clamp.

In the end I tacked them in place with a couple of dabs of 5min Areldite.

The boxes are glassed to the bulkhead and hull sides. the gussets are glassed to the boxes and glassed to the hullsides over fillets of glue.

When the glassing had set I drilled the beam for the outside bolts and marked it for the two inside ones. (Too difficult to accuratley drill up from inside the hull).

Finally dissassembled, returned to the garage to trim up, and put the lounges back in the living room.

Deck flanges yet to be fitted as well as a couple of 6oz layers over entire bulkhead.

The hole in the wall stays for the front beam.

Also, if you are not already following this you should be: Round The World Record Attempt.

Panels of 25 layers 6oz.

Gussets cut out

Rear beam box fitted

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