Monday, February 18, 2008


The main deck stringers are installed as are the rear.

These are 18 x 18 cedar for the main and rear.They will add strength in themselves, but mainly they will give a good bond for the deck which is where the strength will come from.

Ultimately I will be adding a little wieght, though not that much. I am saving wieght with the new decks but then there is West System and glue to consider. Also beefing up chainplate, and rudder attachment points as well as beam mounts. The new larger beams are, of course, heavier.

I should achieve a saving with new rudder stocks (heads-whatever) also.

A small increase in wieght is acceptable to me. Niether the boat or it's crew are going to be competitive with the top guys on their Marstroms. They and their boats are just too good for us.

What I enjoy though is racing when it's blowing dogs off chains and being confident that the boat can take the punishment. There is nothing worse than worrying about the integrity of the construction.

I should add at this stage that this project isn't costing me a lot of money. I'm really sick of all the comments from mates of mine that you need buckets of money to sail a Tornado.

As a club boat a Tornado is no more expensive than any other large cat.

Sure Olympic campaigns are expensive. But that's not what I'm about(I'm pretty sure Darren and Glen won't be cancelling their tickets to Bejing if they see this blog).

And as a great ride there is no substitute for a Tornado. Everyone should do it.

Clamping the deck beams.

Fairing the beams sandpaper taped to aluminium beam.

Finished with central stringer.

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Rolf Nilsen said...

Hey, have a bright look on things. It is not the boats that are so much faster, it's the sailors. Get some decent sails on your boat with a luff curve matching your mast and you will do just as well as those on the marstroms. It is all about time on the boat, and your boat can hang in with the best if you are willing to spend the time training with the boat. Get at it and prove that a woodie is just as fast as a Marstrøm. Just dont go up against the olympic teams :-)