Sunday, February 24, 2008

Port Hull finished

Well as much as it can be while I wait for the front beam to arrive.
I wasn't planing on having a deck beam under the rear deck but it became necessary to maintain the deck curve.
Started work on the rig. There is currently an internal jib halyard which is being removed and the mast is being made water tight.
When I come into some money I would like to put a carbon mast on, though I will be trying to source it locally.
The work on the starboard hull will progress faster as I know what I'm doing having just done the same work to the port.
ALSO!!! I've made a great discovery.
If, like me, you are prone to get epoxy resin on your hairy-ape like arms try this.
Pour some Sorbelene onto a rag and scrub it off.
Comes off easily and totally.


Rolf Nilsen said...

That is a heavy duty deckbeam. Why not 4mm ply?

Be careful with the epoxy. Dont get it on your skin in the first place. Vinegar works well to clean it off tools and stuff, but just dont get it on your skin or breathe the fumes:

Here is some scary reading.

AlexB said...

Only 12 mil cedar, wieghs about 40grams and gives a good gluing surface for the deck.
Thanks for the epoxy advice.

AlexB said...

Unless you mean the stringer down the middle. It's 17mil sq, once again good gluing surface and very light.

Florin I said...

I really like the sight of the tornado in the living room.