Saturday, March 1, 2008

Checking the Cases

From a readers point of view it may seem as if not much has been happening with Yellow Taxi.
The truth is I am bringing the starboard hull up to the same stage as the port and I saw no point in duplicating posts of what was essentially the same thing.
What I have been doing tonight is checking around the bottom of the CB cases.
I have already had a quick look but I thought I would be a bit more thorough.
The following rather unflattering(is my hair really that thin??) pics show me with a video camera taped to a batten so I can get under the lower subdeck and have a close look.
The builder has surrounded the cases in a fillet of resin.
Port hull is sound.
Starboard hull has large cracks around the aft end of the case.(This is good because it is easy to access.If the cracks were in the middle I would have had a real problem.)
So the next step is to reach in with a Dremel and grind the resin out.
Then I will replace the fillet with epoxy.

And, isvflorin, yeah having the boat in he living room is cool. You can watch TV while you are working.

Video camera taped to a stick.

Me going bald!

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