Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bolt Up Part Two

Well the boat is back in the living room for fitting of the front beam.

All bolted up and aligned.

With this one I am glassing up the beam box in situ as I have used the original bolt anchors. They were solid and with the front beam the bulkhead is secured to the two subdecks all of which is secure.

I'll hopefully get the glassing done tomorrow and will maybe have the hulls decked over Easter. (Must write a list in case there is anything that needs doing before the decks go on)

Beam bolted down without beam boxes.

This is how the tiller moulds turned out. They are rigid but still flex enough to pop off tillers easily.

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Florin I said...

the brown packing tape is really hard to remove. Once I had to remove it's residues from my car (I had my rear windscreen broken and temp fix it with PE film and packing tape).
I bought a special chemical for removing it and it works, it's called Acrysol manufactured by Kent chemicals. Relatively cheap.