Sunday, March 9, 2008

A computer, an internet connection, a camera.

I have never been a big fan of blogging for bloggings sake.

You know."Woke up, ate toast for breakfast, ran into Doug........".

But if you are doing something that interests you chances are there is someone else somewhere also interested to see it.

Yellowtaxi is basically about a boat.

With nothing more than the things I already had (Computer, camera, internet access) I am able to publish a documentary (OK so it may be a little raw) that is able to be viewed and commented upon by people with similar interests all over the world. (Don't know how many places Google is available in but this blog gets visits from 36 countries)

And all for free.

If you stop and think about it this is a huge concept. The WWW has got to be the biggest thing since the industrial revolution.


The trouble with a blog about building (or rebuilding) a boat is that you can spend days doing uninteresting little jobs that are not really note worthy or worth capturing on film.

Yellowtaxi is just coming to the end of one of those periods so things should pick up soon.

16 Foot Skiff Illawarra Yacht Club

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