Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carbon Prices

Got prices from FGI:(Brookvale, Aus)
Plain weave 317gm 1.2m wide.....$60.90/m
Uni 450gm 330mm wide............$25.50

Add resin, regular glass, fittings and lock down mechanisms.......

Compared with Capricorn rudder stocks c/w hold down mechanism from AHPC.. $425/pr.

That's hard to beat and makes it difficult to rationalise building my own.

AHPC, or more correctly Goodall sails, are also making my trampoline.(As we speak)

Friday I pick up the primer for the hulls and hope to have a coat on by the end of the weekend.

As things stand Yellowtaxi will be hitting the water wearing her classic rig. I will probably have the new jib on but need to save a little for main and assy'. (I also figure there should be quite a few bargains floating around if not now, then after August)

We will see....
A carbon mast is also on the list but I will wait until we break the ally first.

Most of you will probably be interested in this blog:


A multihull dedicated site in NZ with, amongst other things, some T action.

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