Sunday, March 2, 2008

A little Progress

Continued to bring the starboard hull up to speed and also went about fitting the tramp track to the port hull.

The track goes underneath the deck after routing an apropriate amount out of the stringer so it is flush.
I have used this method on two previous boats with no problems and it gives a nice clean deck.

Then..... this afternoon I went up to the harbour and watched the 12ft skiffs race. I took a few photos of their rigs, mainly concentrating on their big head mains.
Soon I will have a seperate page with a lot of rig info and pics that I am slowly gathering.

It was a beautiful day on the harbour and I wished I was sailing. Oh well, soon.
The worlds are over so I should get my front beam soon.

Tramp track recessed into stringer. Deck to go on top.

Big Head 12s

The old and the new.

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