Saturday, March 15, 2008


As some viewers have seen through my poor attempt at finding content when I haven't actually done anything much.....

I disassembled the rudder stocks to find they are in too poor a state to save.
Kind of OK in a way as I get to play around and build some carbon ones.

I really like my old aluminium tilers so I made moulds off them to make a new set.

First I sanded them (Where the bend is was a weld that needed to be removed) then covered them with packing tape as a release agent.

Then they were covered with five layers of 6oz cloth and taped over with duct tape.

The reason for the duct tape is that the 6oz cloth is reluctant to take the 90 degree turns.

I will pop the moulds off tomorrow and start setting up the vacuum system.

The real good news is that the front beam is being dropped off on Monday so we should really get moving on finishing the hulls.

The self tacking track has been ordered from Ronstan and should arrive next week. The track is 1100mm long, at a radius of 2150mm, black anodised, undrilled.

Price AU$190.

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