Monday, March 24, 2008

Decks are on.

What a harrowing experience that was.
"Have I remembered everything?"
"Are those chainplates OK?"
Etc etc.
Even found a spanner I'd left up between the subdecks.

Also each deck is a lot of work to complete within the pot life of the epoxy.

I have to tidy up/ fill a little around the centreboard slot as I went a touch off track with the router. Also the starboard hull has a bit of a bump in the front foredeck where I must have missed fairing in the first deck beam fully.

Both decks seem a little flat in the first 450mm or so from the stem. Just couldn't get the curve in the ply where it was so narrow. (I'll have to drag out the old decks as I don't really remember how curved they were originally.)

Next is trim up the decks then remove the adhesive stripe with a razor blade.

Fairing and priming. (Plus one more assemble before painting just to confirm that nothing needs to be packed, ground, etc for proper alignment.)

Hope to get onto FGI this week for a price on the carbon for the rudder stocks. Hopefully it is not too expensive. I am pretty keen to do them to get some more experience with carbon BUT I know I can get Capricorn rudder stocks for around $400 so I'll decide after I get the carbon price.

Another call will go to International paints to get the product code for the primer that goes over gel coat then I can order it.

Getting to this stage which is near the end, is making me realise how big a job it was. It has been made more difficult because of the small space I have to work in. A nice big industrial unit would have been good but what you've got is what you've got I suppose.

Four layers of six ounce on the sides, two on the subdeck.

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