Saturday, March 8, 2008

Catching up on the little things.

Starboard hull just about ready now and I've finally got in and sorted out the area at the rear of the centreboard case.

Taking photos of this spot was as difficult as the actual job.

After removing the cracked resin at the keel around the rear of the case it became clear that the cracks were only surface deep. (Good news)

To restore I first poured a little neat epoxy in to penetrate then filled the area with thickened resin. A piece of 75mm tape on top to hold it together and it's almost finished.

I'll be running some neat resin along the length of the case so any cracks I can't see are filled.

The photos may not show the detail real well as it was a very hard spot to shoot properly.

Next job is to stick all my aluminium (excluding the mast) in a pile and get a quote to annodise.

While I'm waiting on the front beam there are some jobs on the mast and trailer to complete as well as cut out the new decks and West System them.

A new mast rotator is on the cards too as well as fittings for self tacking track and a few other things. These things I may make out of carbon as I enjoy moulding stuff like that.


Rolf Nilsen said...

Are you actually planning to make the complete selftacker setup yourself, or are you going to buy the track/car and do the rest? I have been thinking about how to best do a selftacker yourself from the bottom up, but it is hard to get past using a Harken og Ronstan track and car.

AlexB said...

Hey Rolf,
I'm doing the self tacker with ronstan track. I think it's the same radius as the one the 18ft skiffs use.
I have some straight track but building a bender with rollers etc is too much work for the saving involved.
I have seen where a guy made track from carbon but the abrasive resistance would worry me.
I am waiting on a price for the track which I don't think is that expensive. think it's a 900mm length.