Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Archives

I've been disassembling the rudder stocks and the boom ready to go off to the anodiser.

Also, spoke to Andy tonight and the delivery of the front beam is imminent.

While going through some photos I came across these oldies.

My first boat, a Manly Junior, circa 1973

This is my Mosquito, not sure when but during the 80's.

Phantom being built (by my father), I was way too light for it. Circa early 80's

Sailing off Kiama, Sth coast NSW, probably around '85 or '86.

Nacra 5.2

This was taken before the start of the 1978 around the lake race (Illawarra). The Cobra, Jaldi Jaldi, belonged to a guy named Pat Quin who I crewed for a couple of times. Pat Was a really hot sailor which is probably why we won the race. Jaldi was a beautiful boat which I think Pat built.

Oh. And here's me in my first car.

Not sure when but it was a while ago.

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Florin I said...

Come on Alex, very nice shots, pieces of history , but you got to give us more, anything -mixing epoxy, cutting wood ...:)