Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More T work

First photo shows what happens when you reach over the gagged fibreglass hull edge, secure the spanner that you know is the correct size, then give it some. Unbeknown to you the bolt head is burred.
Second pic shows an area that I am concerned about. I worry that the white area is shitty glass bonding.
Maybe I am wrong, but I am going to grind it out and replace it anyway.
Also, wieghed a hull, it came in at 44k with rudder pintles and chain plates attached. I think that is pretty good.
Given that the new rear beam wieghs heaps (haven't wieghed it , but it must be close to 8 or 10k.
Still........ Happy with hull wieghts for a twenty year old boat.

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Rolf Nilsen said...


great photos and great project! You might want to search trough the TornadoCat list for some posts Geoff did on how to transfer shear loads in the deck under the mainbeam.
While you have the deck off, check and re-check the centerboard trunks so you are certain they are waterproof.
As and addition, I would have installed some "ring frames", not full bulkheads, between the forestay fitting and the mainbeam to stiffen the structure even more.
Please keep on updating the blog!