Monday, February 4, 2008

That's why I married her

My garage is too small to fit the Tornado in assembled so I’ve been doing this job outside.

(Fitting new beams

Trouble is all the rain.

So, half joking, I say to my wife “If you really wanted to impress me you wouldn’t mind if I set the Ts beam boxes in the living room”

Lisa says “Yeah, that’d be OK, no one goes up there much anyway.”


I race up with the tape measure. The living room is 6m long. The Tornado comes in at 6.050 or thereabouts.

Anyway the next day I say “Guess I’d be pushing my luck if I knocked that wall down”

Lisa says “No, it’d be great having one big room up there”

Trouble is I’m all set up for a boat job not a house renovation.

Still it’s the thought that counts.

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